I Come to the Garden Alone

The Flower Man

flowermanCome sit for a bit and let me tell you a tale! It’s a story as “old as time itself” about a life so well lived it conveys the message how “actions speak louder than words”, and when lived out rightly it can change a life, a community, a nation, and the world for good.

A few short years ago my husband and I were living in the Sierra Foothills, attending a small, friendly, and compassionate church. The young pastor was excellent at bringing home a message during his sermon by correlating it with things from today’s culture that would make his point more relevant.

He began his message with a visual presentation of this story, “The Flower Man” by author Mark Ludy. Well, what better way to get my attention then to mention flowers or gardens! I must say, when the presentation of the book was complete he needn’t say another word to make his point. It was all said in this wonderfully illustrated book. Yep, and spoken with no words! I was captivated and in tears.

786224You see, “this book features a small, meek man who transforms a small town through simple moral principals”, as ‘GoodReads’ review suggests, to ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’, as the Flower Man simply plants flowers to create beauty wherever he roams. “It is a beautiful, wordless story told visually from beginning to end. The characters’ stories are woven together to create a tale that spans borders and nationalities and will refresh the human spirit with principles of compassion, honesty, integrity, and generosity.”

Over the years I am reminded often of this story and the message it carries. It has been my prayer that before I utter a word God will give me the grace and power to live out my convictions first and only use my words when asked. I think I still have a long way to go, but I have made wonderful progress over the years. Life is simply one foot forward and than the other, moment by moment walking with God!

May your day be blessed my friends,

Rubbish Junkee  

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Bits & Pieces for the May Palette

Featuring the colors of “pastel blooms” Rubbish Junkee adds items that reflect soft rose, baby blue, pale yellow and aqua green hues during the month of May. Many new arrivals in vintage and mid-century porcelain vases, candlestick holders, cream & sugar sets, assembled pedestal plate serving ware, and glass & ceramic garden sculptures for your… Continue reading Bits & Pieces for the May Palette

Flower Talk

How Does Your Garden Grow?

They say April showers bring May flowers and I certainly hope so! Living thirty minutes to the Pacific coast usually means milder weather for this northern California girl. It is a great climate for growing roses and by April my rose garden is usually in full bloom. So far I’ve only got “onesie-twosies” here and there.

This past winter season has lasted longer than usual. Northern Californians have seen dryer colder weather and only an “itty-bitty-bit” of rain in March, barely enough to show forth a few blooms. Nor-Cal is what provides water for the entire state. Four years of drought has put us in a serious position of enforcing water rationing, which has already begun, and I’m wondering just how prosperous my growing season will be this year.  Things are not looking good. I may be quoting that old nursery rhyme, “Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow” with an emphasis on “quite contrary”! The beautiful Spring green in our hills is already turning brown, so I am very thankful for these few beauties.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that promise of a good rain this week. If we get blessed than I believe by May the garden should be looking better, even with water rationing. I’ll be sure to post an update as things progress. Ultimately though, I’m more concerned about the well being of others and the effect drought will have on so many other things like our food source and our already fledgling economy. Its one more thing to keep us on our knees in prayer, and that part of it is always a good thing.

So, on a lighter note, tell me, how’s your garden growin’? Send me your photos and your comments! I would love to know!

Hope your day is blessed my friends,

Rubbish Junkee